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“Being a Chiropractic Sports Physician, patients come to see me on a daily basis complaining of all types of musculoskeletal injuries and pain. The conventional treatment most chiropractors use to help alleviate some of this pain and inflammation is effective but often times temporary. The benefits of CBD, which have been clinically tested, will not only help with musculoskeletal pain but will help a multitude of conditions. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-depressive properties alone, I suspect it will help 85% of my patients. Most conditions in the body are manifested by an inflammatory condition of some sort. I am excited to be able to offer my patients a viable alternative to help them get control of their life again.” My three locations have found our CBD solution with My Doctor's Choice products in which we are very pleased.

Dr. Hope

The best anti-inflammatory I've ever used! “I’ve just started using this product and I have been amazed at its efficacy. Just rub some in where it hurts… instant relief. Probably CBD is the best anti-inflammatory I’ve ever used. Crazy great!Thank  you!”

Debby Goldman

“I have been a practicing plastic surgeon for almost 30 years and have been involved in wellness medicine for almost as long. The concept of inflammation seems to be reaching a crescendo in terms of its far-reaching implications in our present state of health". 

Looking at the causes of inflammation, one must look at physical inactivity, lack of exercise, poor sleep, nutritional deficiencies, poor eating habits centered around our inflammatory diet which has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. It is almost impossible to escape the inflammatory state of processed foods and additives in our diet. Further, the significant use of opioids has caused a surge in brain inflammation. Hormone deficiency can also add to the inflammation, and the last and most significant aspect of inflammation would be the major stress that we all live in this significant push, push, push world. Adrenal fatigue has become a catch-phrase and has become a true entity with a CPT code.

 Looking at research material provided by the MDP Wellness Research Program is truly enlightening. The medical model of My Doctor's Choice CBD provides a dose-specific (true dosing) for patients. I highly recommend My Doctor's Choice CBD to all of my patients.

 Dr. Bafitis

"I highly recommend My Doctor's Choice CBD cream to our golfing members here at Black Diamond Ranch as I have personally used the product on a hand injury and found it to relive the pain almost instantly".

Michael Mathews

"As a former professional athlete, gym owner and personal trainer of over forty years, I am pleased to have found a sound formulation in which includes CBD that reduces my inflammation and daily pain. The products from My Doctor's Choice allow me the confidence in recommending the same options of relief to my clients and friends".

Jeff Gibson

 "Upon a recent trip to the United States from my home here in Brazil I began having a very bad pain in my arm. My daughter's physician had a CBD product that was recommended for me to try. I was amazed at the almost instant level of comfort I received after applying the cream from My Doctor's Choice and would recommend it to anyone in need of pain relief".

Luis Suhett